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    The world of makeup always fascinated me - the bright colours, the amazing techniques that work like magic to transform your face. But then my makeup indulgence was restricted only to weekend parties and girls’ nights out until I discovered that there is a whole new unexplored side to makeup, one that can make you look and feel beautiful. 

    After my Mphil in Computer Science from the University of Madras, destiny had something else for me. And I'm glad it did! It was right after then that I attended a makeup seminar from M.A.C. Cosmetics where I started to perceive makeup in a different light. Makeup is about the endless possibility of enhancing your beautiful God-given features to radiate positivity and happiness both inside and around you. While I liked strutting around with a brush belt around my waist, I decided to take a massive leap and spread my knowledge to everyone around me.

    That’s when I started TrendZ Makeup Studio- the love child of my passion for makeup and my business degree, that aims at making the new age empowered Indian woman learn, understand and love the art of makeup. I began conducting makeup workshops in Chennai that educated women about the art and technique of applying makeup. Owing to the warm response that I received, these workshops are now scheduled regularly across various cities in India.

    The key ingredient to get a flawless, well-blended makeup is the use of good brushes. Because good-looking women need the best of everything and quality is a great part of being the best of something. This wanting of quality, good makeup Service lead me to develop my own line of makeup Studios giving birth to the TrendZ Women Hair & Beauty Salons.

    I'm Raajeswari Sivakumar!!

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