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    DIY Miracle Scrub for Stretch Marks

    26 JUNE 2017

    Hey beauties,

    Stretch marks is one of the most common problems during pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and I did get some stretch marks during my first pregnancy. I tried a lot of creams and lotions but nothing worked on them. This time around I started using this scrub and it has prevented new marks from forming. So let’s begin this DIY to know more.

    DIY Miracle Scrub for Stretch Marks

    You need:

    DIY Miracle Scrub for Stretch Marks Ingredients

    ⦁ Instant coffee powder
    ⦁ Vitamin E oil
    ⦁ Coconut oil
    ⦁ An empty bowl
    ⦁ A spoon
    ⦁ Some water


    Step one:Take about one to two teaspoons full of instant coffee powder in an empty bowl.

    Step two:Then, add a little water and make a thick paste out of it.

    Step three:Add about 10 drops of Vitamin E oil

    Step four:Add 10 drops of coconut oil.

    Step five:Mix the ingredients well and make a nice paste.

    How to use:

    Apply this mixture on your stretch marks every day before you take a bath. Just apply it on damp skin, massage it well and then have your bath.

    Benefits of coffee:

    • It is a rich source of antioxidants
    • It protects against harmful sun rays
    • It makes the skin smooth and bright
    • It enhances circulation

    Benefits of coconut oil:

    • It removes blackheads
    • It acts as a moisturizer
    • It makes the skin soft

    Benefits of Vitamin E oil:

    • It helps in repairing the skin
    • It prevents the skin from cracking
    • Prevents and reduces stretch marks
    • Prevents skin aging

    I am very happy with this DIY. I guarantee it works wonders on stretch marks as it prevents them from forming and helps old marks fade away.

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